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STB-50 Automatic Tape Bundling Machine
STB-50 is an automatic tape bundling machine, applied to bundling, fixing, insulating, marking and labeling.

1.Processing time approx. 2.5s; at least 50% of the processing time is saved compared to insulation by hand.

2.Up to 80% savings in material costs comparing adhesive tape to heat shrinkable tubing or caps.

3.Calculable tape consumption.

4.Programmable number of winding ensured by automatic diameter detection.

5.Cutting of the adhesive tape with a self-cleaning low-wear shear blade.

6.Stress-free handling of cables and of the weld and/or crimp joints.

7.Process-controlled and reproducible high quality.
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Winding Mode Middle or point winding
Bundle Diameter 2-14mm(or as per customer requirements)
Tape Width 9-50mm
Tape I.D 1.5"-3"
Power Supply AC 220V  50Hz
Power Output 900W
Air Pressure 5-6Bar
Dimensions(LxWxH) 670×367x526mm
Weight 30Kg
Material Any conventional adhesive tape
Options Intelligent gripper system
STB-50 Automatic Tape Bundling Machine
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