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Privacy Policy
Sedeke is committed to respecting your privacy. We shall not collect your information without your knowledge or consent.  We will not sell or provide any personal information, such as identity, email address, postal address and other information collected for service needs, to any third party without your permission.
We will not disclose or distribute any information when you register on the Site, except under the following circumstances:

1. Your explicit prior authorization or consent;
2. Disclosure is required or permitted by the court or other judicial authorities;
3. Disclosure is required by relevant government departments;
4. You violate the provisions of the Terms or do other damages to the interests of Sedeke;
5. According to other laws and regulations.;

If you want to use a service provided after your registration on this site, you agree to the following terms: you should provide your actual, correct, newest and complete information, and you should update it to ensure it compliance with the above-mentioned requirements. If your information were erroneous, false, outdated or incomplete, or Sedeke has the reasons to suspect it were erroneous, false, outdated or incomplete or misleading, Sedeke reserves the right to suspend or terminate your ID, and rejects you from enjoying all or any part of the services now and in the future.

Links to the Site    

Please contact Sedeke for links to the Site. Sedeke's written permission is needed before linking to the Site. Sedeke reserves the right to cancel the permission of the link when Sedeke evaluates objective circumstances are no longer suitable for the continuation of granting the authorization to post a link.
In the link to this Site, text links must be used (the use of Sedeke's logo or text for the links is prohibited without Sedeke's written permission). Another window shall open on the click on the link to the Site. It is not allowed to display the Site within the framework of the linking websites.

Links to Other Websites

Some of the sites listed as links herein are not under the control of Sedeke. Accordingly, Sedeke is not responsible for any loss or damage when you visit the linked websites through the Site. In particular you agree that you shall be on the terms and conditions or related laws and regulations (if any) of the linked websites.
Sedeke is providing these links to you only as a convenience. The fact that Sedeke has provided a link to a site is NOT a recommendation, endorsement, authorization, sponsorship, or affiliation by Sedeke with respect to such site, its owners, its providers or its service.
Sedeke shall not be responsible for and does not endorse the content of such websites.

Use of Downloaded Resources from the Site

You agree to comply with the resources license agreement if downloading it from the Site. You agree to read and accept the terms of the resources license agreement before downloading or installing any resources from the Site.

Virus of Exemption Clauses

Sedeke does not assume any liability for virus or malicious software infection caused by the entry, use or browsing of Sedeke's Site. If an infection were to occur due to a visit to a third-party website liked in Sedeke’s site, Sedeke does not assume any liability either.


Whether under the Terms of this Agreement or of other cases, a termination of this Agreement is constituted as long as you destruct all the software, documents and other materials obtained from the Site.

Law Application and Jurisdiction

Any dispute related to the Statement of the Site will be settled according to the laws of the People's Republic of China. You agree that the People's Court of Sedeke's location shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute that may arise out of the use of this Site. The foregoing is subject to the laws of People's Republic of China. You agree that Sedeke shall amend the above Terms according to the revision of relevant laws. The interpretation of this Statement and the use of the Site is attributed to Sedeke.


This is the Privacy Policy of this website (“Site”) and Henan Sedeke Industrial Co. ltd which is the Site operator. Please read this privacy rules carefully and agree to them before using the Site. As a part of normal operating procedures, the Site collects, applies (under special circumstances) and discloses your information to third parties. As the Site protocol attachments, the privacy policies immediately come into force and bind you and the Site after you register on the Site.

Personal Information

You can anonymously access the Site and obtain information. We will explain the use of the information before requesting you to provide relevant information, and some sections of the Site require you to register to access. The Site will track some data automatically in accordance with the user’s behavior. In order to provide better services, the Site use the data to make internal statistics, including but not limited to the number of users and their interests or behavior. The Site collects the data using Data Collection Devices such as “Cookies”. A “Cookie” is a small file set on the user’s hard disk, helping the Site provide tailor-made services for the user. The Site provides some functions which are possible only via the use of “Cookies”. The Site’s use of “Cookies” reduces the number of times that the input of passwords is required within a certain period. The “Cookies” also assist the Site on providing specific data on the interests of users. 
The Use of Personal Information

You agree that the Site could use your information (including but not limited to the information in the files which are held by the Site and other information obtained from currently and previously events on the Site) to resolve disputes, settle arguments, help to ensure that the transactions on the Site are safe, and to accomplish the conditions established on the User Agreement. Occasionally, the Site needs to identify problems or resolve disputes by investigating multiple users or even review the user’s information to identify which user holds multiple IDs. With the purpose of limiting fraud or other illegal and criminal activities from taking place on the Site, you agree that the Site could check your personal information either manually or with an automatic program.

The Disclosure of Personal Information

The Site will protect the personal information via standard industry practices. Due to technical limitations, the Site cannot ensure that users of all private communications and other personal information will not be disclosed by other sources not listed in the Privacy Policy. The Site has the obligation to provide personal information to the judicial organs and government departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations
Privacy Inquiries

You have no right to request any user's private information while trading on the Site.

You are not allowed to use the services or other e-mail forwarding services provided by the Site to send spam or to do something which would possibly violate the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, disturb the social order or the Site's User Agreement or Privacy Policy content. In addition to send e-mails, the Site will not use e-mail addresses for any other purpose. The Site will not rent or sell these e-mail addresses. The Site will not store e-mail messages or e-mail addresses permanently.

You should be responsible for your own ID, password, registered e-mail address and all other security settings. Therefore, the Site has no obligation to keep the above information.

Rules Modifications 

It is possible that the Site will amend the Privacy Policy by posting an updated policy on this page, We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.