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UniStrip 2016 Wire Stripping Machine
Operating the machine is extremely simple. After insertion, the cable makes contact with the sensor, which then actuates the visual controllable stripping process.
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It is a pneumatic wire stripping machine for stripping discrete wires and small multi-conductor cables.
Operating the wire stripping machine is extremely simple.
Pneumatic control, easy operation

Wire Size Range AWG 30–14 (0.05–2.08 mm2)
Precision of Diameter Setting 0.01 mm (0.001")
Max. Outer Cable Diameter (partial strip / full strip) Strip 3.2/3.2 mm (0.12"/0.12")
Length (partial strip/full strip) 1–20/20 mm (0.04–0.78" / 0.78")
Graduated Full Strip Increments 0.5 mm (0.019")
Graduated Partial Strip Increments 2.0 mm (0.078")
Cycle Time (max. stripping length) ca. 0.3 s
Stripping Blade V-blades
Compressed Air 5–6 bar (75–90 psi)
Compressed Air Consumption
(Operation pressure at 6 bar/90 psi)
0.28 l/cycle
Noise Level (equivalent permanent sound pressure level) < 75 dB (A)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 265 x 70x135 mm (10.4 x 2.8x5.3")
Weight (Net/Gross) 2.0 kg/2.4 kg (4.4/5.3 lb.)
Full Stripping
Full Stripping
Half Stripping
Half Stripping
Multi-conductor Cables Stripping Cores
Multi-conductor Cables Stripping Cores
UniStrip-2016 Wire Stripping Machine
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