TCA-120S Terminal Cross Section Analyzer
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1. The sample making process uses the most advanced technology in the industry to replace the resin inlay, and the test is completed in 2 minutes. Original section analysis sample preparation steps: terminal sampling, resin inlay, resin cutting, resin grinding, sample polishing,The entire profile analysis process takes up to 3 hours and is now completed in just 2 minutes using advanced technology.

2. Adopt terminal special fixture, which is suitable for terminals of different specifications. The terminal-specific clamp reliably clamps the terminal. There is no need to worry about deformation of the terminal crimping portion during the grinding process. Our standard fixtures suitable for AWG5~AWG38 wires (can equip with 1-2 sets of different specifications fixtures to meet customer needs)

3. Using professional terminal cutting equipment, the precision cutting of the terminal can be adjusted from up and down distance by 0.01mm, and the terminal part can be cut freely. The German ultra-thin terminal cutting piece is used to cut the internal material structure of the terminal without damage.

4. Utilizing Japan's high-performance optical analysis system and special software for terminal harness cross-section analysis It can easily measure the crimping height of the terminal, the width of the burr, the wall thickness, the number of copper wires, the compression ratio, the gap ratio, the crimping area, etc. The magnification is 45 times to maximum 260 times. A very thin wire beyond the AWG38# can also be clearly expressed.

5. Patented technology, one-click on button for export report Various data, as well as the compression ratio of the core wire, etc., together with the vivid cross-sectional pattern can be measured and delivered to the word file. According to the international wire harness industry standard software, automatically calculate compression ratio and judge passing rate. The import system has more than a dozen international standard automatic detection items (including the automotive industry, home appliance industry, electronics industry and other authoritative technical indicators), which can be automatically checked whether the data of the terminal is qualified, and no manual modification is required. 
Model TCA-120S
Terminal section analysis Japan imported segmentless zoom optical system
Total video magnification 45~500X
Applicable wire range 0.01mm2~120mm2
Power supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Imaging system Japanese industrial HD video system 5 million
Cut blade specifications Φ105X0.5mm(Germany imported, delicate and durable)
Abrasive sandpaper  1200#  
Standard fixture  0.01—30mm2
Special-grade high-precision reference ruler  0.01/10mm
Terminal corrosion  Liquid cleaning (5S completed)
Lighting source  All white adjustable LED lighting device
Dimensions  W500XD350XH350
 Feature Precision integrated automatic cutting and grinding equipment, German motor 0~4000rpm stepless speed regulation, professional terminal section analysis software Section-MS with encryption lock and CD
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