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EC-6100 Automatic Heat Shrink Tube Cutting Machine
EC-830 Corrugated Tube Cutting Machine
EC-6500 Automatic Cable and Tube Cutting Machine
EC-810 Automatic Cable Cutting Machine
EC-850X Automatic Rotary Cutting Machine
EC-821 Corrugated Tube Cutting Machine
EC-890 Multifunctional Automatic Cutting Machine
EC-6800 Automatic Cutting Machine
EC-823 High Speed Cutting Machine
EC-805 Automatic Cable Cutting Machine
UniStrip 2016 Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine
UniStrip 2018E Electric Cable Wire Stripping Machine
CS-5507 Automatic coaxial cable stripping machine
CS-5515 Automatic coaxial cable stripping machine
CS-400 Braided Shield Cable Stripping Machine
CS Series Rotary Cable Stripping Machine
CS-2486 Coaxial Cable Wire Stripping Machine
CS-4855 Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine
CS-9580 Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine
CS-9680 Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine
ESC-BX1 Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine
ESC-BX4 Wire Cutting And Stripping Machine
ESC-BX30 Automatic Large Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine
ESC-BX30S Sheathed Cable Automatic Cutting and Stripping Machine
ESC-BXSNY Automatic Rotary Cable Stripping Machine
ESC-BX6 Wire Cutting And Stripping Machine
ESC-BX7 Wire Cutting And Stripping Machine
ESC-BX8S Sheath Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine
ESC-BX8PR Wire Cutting And Stripping Machine
ESC-BX30SC Automatic Cable Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine
TM-20 Terminal Crimping Machine
TM-20S Automatic Wire Terminal Crimping Machine
TM-200 Terminal Crimping Machine
TM-E140 Pre-insulation Ferrule Terminal Strip And Crimp Machine
TM-E116 Electrical Terminal Crimping Machine
TM-P120 Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine
SAT-AS6P Pneumatic Crimping Applicator
SAT-MS6 Mechanical Crimping Applicator
TM-E140S Automatic Wire Stripping Ferrule Crimping Machine
Side Feed Terminal Crimping Applicator
TM-200SC Automatic Strip and Weather Pack Terminal Crimp Machine
TM-20SCM Automatic Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine
TM-80SCS Servo Stripping and Crimping Machine
TM-30SC Stripping and Crimping Machine
TM-15SCE Electrical Stripping and Crimping Machine
TM-20SCS Servo Stripping and Crimping Machine
TM-15SC Stripping and Crimping Machine
ESC-BZ30-3D Wire Cut Strip 3D Bending Machine
ESC-BZ06 Wire Cutting Stripping and Bending Machine
ESC-BZ16 Automatic Cutting Stripping and Bending Machine
ACC-101 Automatic Single-head Terminal Crimping Machine
ACC-102A Fully Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine (Both Ends)
ACC-102B Automatic Double Terminal Crimping Machine
ACC-105 Fully Automatic Single-head End-dipping Tin Machine
ACC-106 Fully Automatic 5-Wire Single-head End-dipping Tin Machine
ACC-308B AutomaticTinning Machine Soldering Machine For Both Side
ACC-308 Fully Automatic Soldering Machine (Both ends)
ACC-208 Fully Automatic Crimping Machine (Both Ends)
ACC-508 Fully Automatic Twisting, Soldering and Crimping Machine
ACC-608 Fully Automatic Flat Cable Cut Strip and Crimp Machine
HV-CS 9070 High-Voltage Cable Shield Cutting Machine
HV-FS 9053 Cable Shield Folding Machine
HV-ACS 9100 Cable Shield Processing Machine
HV-ACS 9200 Automatic Cable Shield Processing System
HV-ACS 9300 Automotive High Voltage Cable Processing Machine
HV-ACS 9500 High Voltage Cable Processing Machine
HV-FC 9312 Aluminum Foil Cutting Machine
HV-CS 9120 Cable Stripping Machine
TM-FK40 Terminal Crimping Machine
CS-5507 Automatic coaxial cable stripping machine
CS-5515 Automatic coaxial cable stripping machine
CS-4855 Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine
CS-2486 FAKRA Cable Stripping Machine
HSM-60 Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine
HSM-70 Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine
HSM-80B Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine
HSM-90 Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine
HSM-25M Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine
HSM-120 Heat Shrink Tube Heating Machine
HSM-50 Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine
HSM-160 Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine
HSM-80A Heat Shrink Tube Heating Machine
HSM-260E Enclosed Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine
STB-10 Automatic Tape Bundling Machine
STB-30 Automatic Tape Bundling Machine
STB-50 Desktop Bundling Machine
STB-60 Adhesive Tape Bundling Machine
STB-55 Desktop Tape Bundling Machine
STB-50C Automatic Tape Cutting Machine
STP-B Hand-held Taping Machine
STP-F Hand-held Lithium Battery Tape Wrapping Machine
STP-C Automatic Wire Taping Machine
STP-D Automatic Tape Wrapping Machine
CB-B15MCS Automatic Wiring Winding Machine
CB-B15MCST Automatic Wiring Winding Binding Machine
CB-F30/150MCS Automatic Wiring Winding Machine
CB-F30/150MCST18-45 Automatic Wiring Winding Binding Machine
CB-F30/150MCST40-80 Automatic Wiring Winding Binding Machine
CB-B15CST Automatic Wiring Coiling Binding Machine
CB-F500MCS Automatic Wiring Winding Machine
CB-B30/150CS Automatic Wiring Winding Machine
CB-B10/15CS Automatic Wiring Winding Machine
CB-WT630 Automatic Wire Winding and Tying Machine
PF-08 Automatic Wire Prefeeder
PF-30 Automatic Prefeeding Machine
PF-60 Automatic Prefeeding Machine
PF-150 Automatic Wire Prefeeding Machine
CC-380 Cable Coiling Machine
CC-680 Automatic Cable Coiling Machine
CC-380D Cable Coil Machine
PF-120 Large Automatic Wire Prefeeding Machine
PF-90 Automatic Wire Prefeeder
PF-100 Automatic Prefeeder
PFM-220 Terminal Pulling Force Tester
PFM-300 Terminal Pulling Force Tester
PFM-200 Pull Force Tester For Wire Terminals
TCA-120 Terminal Cross Section Analyzer
TCA-120S Terminal Cross Section Analyzer
TCA-150 Terminal Cross Section Analyzer
PFM-50 Pull Force Measuring Machine
TCT8-B Cable Tie Tools
TCT8-C Cable Tie Tools
Hand Crimp Tool
Pneumatic Crimp Tool
1. TCA-150 Water Cooled Terminal Cross Section Analyzer, as a fully automatic analysis studio inspection system, is a precision inspection and analysis equipment specially developed by our company for the quality inspection of the wire harness industry.
2. The whole system consists of automatic terminal cutting equipment, grinding equipment, image acquisition system for corrosion cleaning section, image measurement and analysis system for wire harness terminals and other units. It adopts ergonomic design and modular combination to make the operation more convenient and fast.
3. The complete detection system can complete the processing and analysis of a terminal within 3 minutes, which greatly improves the speed of terminal section quality inspection. Simple operation, high-quality image acquisition system, accurate measurement and analysis escort your production.
4. The high-performance microscopic observer and special software can measure the length and calculate the area simply and correctly. When observing objects with ultra-high definition, it can produce an upright three-dimensional space image, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, clear and wide imaging, and a long working distance.
5. The high-precision image measurement and analysis system configured for the wire harness terminal is combined into a perfect combination of a high-quality optical system and a high-resolution camera to make the image of the section clearer.
6. The unique magnification makes the measurement more accurate.

Model TCA-150
Applicable range of cutting part 0.01~200mm2 ,200~400mm2
Cutting speed 1-2800rpm
Grinding speed 1-2800rpm
Cutting wheel Outer Diameter 150mm, ID: 32mm, Thickness: 0.5mm
Z axis fine-tuning range 0.00mm-10.00mm
Cooling system: Automatic water circulation system (effectively reducing
the     impact     of     high     temperature     on     the     internal
structure during the cutting process)
Image capture part Imported 5 million digital high-quality, low-distortion
optical instruments
Magnification 0 .7X 1X 1 .5X 2 .0X2 .5X 3 .0X 3 .5X 4 .0X 4 .5X (0 .5 card
position shift technology)
Video magnification 16X-500X
OD of specially made sandpaper 150mm  ( 1000#, 2000# )
Fixture part Using high-end three-axis clamps, irregular wire harness terminals can also be clamped
Electrolysis time 5-30 Seconds
Dimensions 1700X800X850mm
Weight About 200Kg
After the terminal is clamped by the special wire harness clamp, it can automatically and accurately cut and grind the terminal with one button. The time required for terminal cutting and grinding and polishing is 1-2 minutes. The surface of the ground terminal is cleaned by cleaning liquid so that the internal structure is clearly reflected, and the newly developed automatic scanning section analysis software is used to automatically measure  the  terminal height, width, aspect ratio, terminal crimping area, and wire harness crimping area , Compression ratio, burr height, width, burr rate, distance between crimping wings, distance from the bottom, porosity and other items, can instantly export reports and automatically judge whether all items are qualified. Measurement accuracy at maximum magnification is 1 ~ 2µm.
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